Tuesday, January 18, 2011


As we were watching Supernatural last night (I had to mention it somewhere; I love that show!), I finally got around to editing pictures of our venue.

At first, I thought our venue would be easy to find. After all, aren't barns pretty popular? And, being that we live in Colorado, there should be plenty!

I was wrong.

I found about five venues that would fit the bill. One, which I'm still wishing I was independently wealthy so I could rent, as it was over $7,000 for the day. Oof. Others were too far away and a several-hour drive for our guests. That wouldn't do either, as I just can't ask anyone to stay overnight for my wedding.

Finally, the choice came down to a few local (within an hour of Denver) spots.

1. Denver Botanic Gardens Barn at Chatfield Reservoir
2. The Red Barn at Meadows at Marshdale
3. D-Barn

We ended up touring Chatfield. The barn was lovely, and I've seen a number of blogged weddings that took place there, but the space didn't fit our requirements. There just wasn't enough room for dancing, places to sit, a DJ, and a photo booth. Dang. It was out.

We never visited D-Barn, as the second venue we saw was the one we ended up loving.

Meet our Venue: The Red Barn at The Meadows at Marshdale!


This venue was perfect, not only because its three stories and ample room gave us plenty of space to fit our requirements, but the owners were amazingly easy to work with. They're not charging us for setup outside unless the weather is good, and they let us bring our own liquor in.

The venue isn't so much a barn as it is just a rustic building that looks barnish, but it was more than enough for us.

More picture-heavy Red Barn goodness below the cut!

By golly, we pulled into the parking space near the entrance and found the whole area to be absolutely lovely! We were a few minutes early, so we had a chance to poke around the outside areas and take pictures to our hearts' content.

The walkway down to the venue.

A terrace off to the side of the venue front. If the weather is nice, this will be PERFECT for guests to enjoy a cocktail hour before dinner!

The walkway from the parking area.

Down the side of the venue, next to the terrace.

The top of the staircase is actually the floor you walk in on. Then, the bottom floor is where the dancing occurs!

The view. Beautiful!

The back of our venue. Those double doors lead into the dancing area and also serve as a way for our vendors to come in.

A detail shot. I love this staircase!

Below the terrace and where that staircase leads to. I am imagining photos already!

After we poked around the barn, we walked up this cute path (about a one minute walk) to the outside ceremony location. It's really hard to see, but there's a cute wire trellis set up there with fake ivy leaves a couple had put up that day.

Next to the ceremony location.

The aisle. On our wedding day, if the weather is nice enough, chairs will be set up to either side of this walkway.

The walkway. I know it's hard to make out the various curves because of all the foliage, but it's awesome! Also, my car. Hi, car!

After this, our guide arrived. He was a really friendly man who didn't mind showing us every aspect of the venue. Plus, he gave us 2010's rates. Way, way cool.

We made our way inside. Here's the first thing you see! It seems narrow, but they've held weddings in this area in case of inclement weather. I'm so glad to have a venue that will move the wedding inside for no extra charge!

The double doors at the back of the room from the last picture opens up into this balcony area. Food for the buffet will be set up inside here, then taken down so people can mingle in here later!

A side shot of the main room. I have plans for those shelves!

The venue comes with a built-in card box, so if I run out of time and can't make one, no worries!

The kitchen, just off the main room.

The third story, a place for a bit of overflow.

This room is on the bottom floor. It is the bride's dressing area. My hair and makeup and such will be done already, so I'll slip into my dress here before we do photos. It's tiny, but serves the purpose!

The dance floor. My photo doesn't do the room justice. It comes with Christmas lights up the poles and around the ceiling, a great place for a DJ stand, and plenty of room for dancers.

All in all, I'm in love with this venue! I hope that the weather on our wedding will allow the outside ceremony, but if not, the inside version will be just as beautiful, if not a bit more intimate. <3

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