Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There was a post over on Weddingbee today (Source) where a gal was asking if the dress was easier to find than the shoes.

Yes. A million times, yes.

I have a ton of time until this even becomes an issue, but my head is a-buzz of possibilities. I just posted a few weeks ago about desiring to go with shoes that break the mold of white, strappy, plain - but the more I think about it and discuss my thoughts with my sister and friends, the more nervous I am about heels. And flats. And anything else. It all starts glomming together into a ball of "oh, crap."

What if heels are too high? What if I want to dance and party in my dress all night long but I can't stand to STAND for that long in them? And if I take them off, the dress becomes too long? That's no good!

I love these, but are they two high? (Source)

What if I wear flats and it's the middle of October and there's snow? And we wanted to do some pics outside? That's no good!

What if I wear boots of some sort and my feet are hot the entire time? That's no good either!

Next week will mark the time that my dress will officially be ordered - with a set height (which can be altered, but at cost) - and I want to try and give the store the most accurate height measurement of Lilacwire with shoes on as possible.

As a regular-height gal living in an Express-height world, it means that most of my pants come too long and I have to hem them to a good place. And I'm 5'5". I stress about the length of items on my legs and feet almost every day. I guess this should be no different, but I kind of wish THE SHOES would launch themselves out of the woodwork like my dress did and make this whole decision ridiculously easy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Unexpected Expenses

As I have began the process of purchasing the dress, I've had to set some money aside each week so I can pay half of the dress's cost. It's a pretty pricey piece of clothing, ringing in just under $2,000. I figure I can't take the money to the grave, and I'm lucky enough to have a job that pays me well, so I can do this.

On that note, things happen. My little poodle Loki has been a bit under the weather this week, needing to use the restroom in the middle of the night A LOT, so I had to take him in to the vet for meds and a checkup. Suddenly, that extra money that I was going to use toward a dress has gone to a vet.

My sister texted me via her boyfriend's phone a few minutes ago and informed me she had dropped her phone in the street and a passing car ran it over and destroyed it. Ouch. She helped me buy a laptop when I was jobless last year, so I've been paying her back. To get a phone, she needs some money pretty soon. Thus, her immediate need for cash becomes my immediate need, and I need to give another payment for the dress today.

It's those expenses that we never really figure for.

I'm lucky. I can help her out with a laptop payment and still do a payment on the dress - but her phone isn't inexpensive. I wonder what else she's going to have to put on hold while she builds back up that painful dent in her wallet.

Now I have to figure that as Mr. Light and I head into possible marriage plans, we're going to have more items like this happen. Things break or get stolen. People park by braille and put dents in cars. We require doctor's visits.

I wonder what other unexpected expenses have come up to stop a good wedding plan?