Monday, January 25, 2010


I mentioned in my first entry that I'm thinking I'll be married within the next few years. I don't even have a ring on my finger yet, but I find myself looking through an ample selection of online sites relating to weddings. The Knot, Offbeat Bride, and other assorted sites Google Reader's pushed my way. It's probably not the best habit to get into, but Dr. Light and I are pretty committed, and he admitted the other day that he joined The Knot before I did!

We've had some conversations about what we want at a wedding (he and I like the same colors - blue and purple), Dr. Light did drop one bomb on me: he wanted my dress to be primarily white. Now, I've never been that gal who daydreamed about her dress, what it would look like, etc., but I've also never had my dreams set on a white dress. In fact, I was thinking that it would be awesome to go with something colorful.

A few years ago I saw a wedding where the bride wore a red dress, and it was the first time I had been exposed to a different color dress. So my options had been expanding. Maybe a lilac dress to match my favorite color. Maybe something blue! So this kind of made me go "oh."

I guess I could look at it in that way of "BUT it's MY DRESS!" I can't. I feel like he's allowed to have his fantasies come in here too, so I've been thinking about a way that I could include his and my dreams.

On that note, what are my dreams, you ask? I started with wanting a halloween wedding. Then evolved to a costume party. Now, and this is what I think will stick: a masquerade. Guests can wear awesome formal attire and masks, something outrageous, something fun. I want my dress to fit in with this. I think I can, and I think that I can give Dr. Light and myself something we both want.

[This part removed for spoilers, since I don't want Dr. Light to know what I like.]

What did I realize as well? I'm not a fan sashes on gowns. I've definitely seen some that look great and I understand why women do it - it makes an easy match to any wedding colors and can define a waist. It's just not my style, however.

To me, they draw attention away from the beauty of the dresses. If I'm going to spend a grand on a dress, I want the dress to shine!

Of course, I don't mind the idea of color in dresses - I just want to see it incorporated more fully.

So now that I have some thoughts for possible dresses, I gotta wait and see how finances and ideas pan out. Will I make my own? After all, I did spend six months on this travesty. :P

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Hello

I've been a poster on good ole for about seven years now, but I felt that my posts there were more of a personal nature and I wanted to open a blog that focused on the more homey aspects of my life. I am expecting to be engaged within about a year. I sew, sometimes for work clothes, sometimes for more alternative projects. I like to paint, decorate, whatever.

A little more about me. I'm a 29-year old records manager (think: corporate librarian) from Denver, Colorado. I've been sewing for ten years, mainly in the form of reproductional costuming. It's a pretty sweet thing.

The guy. Dr. Light, I'll call him. Pharmacist, Air Force brat, and will likely make a guesst appearance or two in photos. He's pretty sweet for a guy. For instance, he wrote Christmas cards this year while I was lazy.

Other main characters: a sister, friends, and a toy apricot poodle.

The setting: Beginning February 1 I will be moving in with Dr. Light. It's a condo he's owned for a few years, so there will likely be a long uphill battle for us to work out a situation where it feels like ours, rather than his. He's been on board with me the whole way on this, but I know there will be some rough spots.