Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Hello

I've been a poster on good ole for about seven years now, but I felt that my posts there were more of a personal nature and I wanted to open a blog that focused on the more homey aspects of my life. I am expecting to be engaged within about a year. I sew, sometimes for work clothes, sometimes for more alternative projects. I like to paint, decorate, whatever.

A little more about me. I'm a 29-year old records manager (think: corporate librarian) from Denver, Colorado. I've been sewing for ten years, mainly in the form of reproductional costuming. It's a pretty sweet thing.

The guy. Dr. Light, I'll call him. Pharmacist, Air Force brat, and will likely make a guesst appearance or two in photos. He's pretty sweet for a guy. For instance, he wrote Christmas cards this year while I was lazy.

Other main characters: a sister, friends, and a toy apricot poodle.

The setting: Beginning February 1 I will be moving in with Dr. Light. It's a condo he's owned for a few years, so there will likely be a long uphill battle for us to work out a situation where it feels like ours, rather than his. He's been on board with me the whole way on this, but I know there will be some rough spots.

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