Friday, January 21, 2011

The Save the Date!

After looking over the ideas I talked about in the last save-the-date post, we decided to go with the general idea of the books on white background.

(as a reminder)

However, when I finally sat down to work on the invites, I told Dr. Light, "You know we're not going with books, right?"

He seemed to be surprised. I guess I hadn't explained myself very well, in that I was looking at other people's sample save-the-dates to get design ideas, not subject ideas. Oh, well. He was pretty game for anything I had in mind, and as I buckled down, copy of Photoshop at hand, he cracked open World of Warcarft and proceeded to say nothing for a while.

Ah, boys.

Read more underneath the cut!

So, using my leet Photoshop skillz and the design recommendations from the place we're going to order our save-the-dates from, I downloaded a starter template for 4x6 magnets. Woo hoo!

Then, I got to work. I was going to make a pumpkin. And a lantern! And a signpost. And I was going to do it all using the line tool or a shape, and it was going to be amazing.

Well, it wasn't. My first rendition of a pumpkin looked like an orange oval with a little brown square sticking out of the top. It was pretty bad. I played around with it some more to see if I could make it look more realistic somehow, but yeah, my leet skillz were more like non-skills.

Dr. Light chose this moment to ask me if I could find something more professional. I bitched at him for a moment because I'm so mature, then went searching on DeviantArt for a shape package that had pumpkins. And I found a wonderful package of items! Pumpkins! Stems! Leaves!

I arranged and colored for a while, stretching a pumpkin to be tall and skinny, while shrinking another to be a cute little guy! I went to my sister and my friend Beverly for some wording arrangement help, and they were fantastic.

Finally, we ended up with this:


I'm pretty proud of what we did. Yes, it's more "cluttered" than the simple book idea that had originally been my inspiration, but I wanted all the pertinent information on one side since we were going the magnet route.

I think I'll order a small run of them just to see how they turn out, then order a second batch when we give them our seal of approval!

What do you think?

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