Friday, January 7, 2011

Mobile Cupcake Truck Trouble!

An interesting story that's been going on in Denver for the past few days revolves around Denver's very own Cupcake Trucks.


Clyde and Clementine are the two trucks belonging to Cake Crumbs Bakery. Coincidentally, this is the same bakery that Dr. Light and I have chosen to make our wedding cake, so we're very involved in what is going on.

Essentially, eight months after the bakery was given permission to drive their trucks around Denver and sell the most amazing cupcakes, ("Denver Excise and License [said they] were free to park anywhere in town as long as it was legal and at least 200 feet from a competing business"), Denver Zoning came back and told them that they could NOT do this for a variety of reasons. This has left Cake Crumbs unable to drive their two adorable trucks through our downtown streets and give me a reason to leave my office and eat a cupcake.

Selfish, I know. But it's also detrimental to their business because the trucks have generated so much fantastic word of mouth for them! And this is one business I really want to survive, not only because of our wedding vendor relationship with them, but because (and I cannot say this enough), their food rocks. In fact, I have two of their cupcakes currently sitting on my desk, waiting to come home for noms.

Red Velvet & Lemon, YUM!

There is currently a petition out by a Mayoral candidate to ask the City to change the laws so Denver's budding mobile food industry can continue to grow. Here's the link:

It's exciting that someone who actually has some connections within the City has become so invested in helping Cake Crumbs Bakery (and by extension, other mobile food businesses) continue to grow within Denver's community. While Dr. Light and I won't have a mobile food truck at our wedding, I wanted to post about this issue here because I've seen pictures from many weddings that did have food trucks show up, and Denver needs to have this too.

Here are a few more links explaining the issue in far greater detail than I did. If you live in Denver and happen to stumble across this post, please go sign the petition!

Cake Crumbs' Blog's Coverage

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