Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Save the Date Ideas

Dr. Light and I have recently started discussing our Save the Dates (which lots of people call STD's, but that confuses my poor blonde head every time because I associate that acronym with something much different, so we'll stick with the long version). A while ago we had a somewhat hilarious conversation about the actual invitations that involved a lot of me saying, "How am I going to draw that?!" and Dr. Light saying, "I love cross-hatching!"

So, for now, we are focusing on our Save the Dates.

As our wedding is in late October, we're thinking mid-to-late February for the send out, which doesn't give us a lot of time for playing around with design. I'm the one who will be designing them with my trusty copy of photoshop, and I have very few actual design skills.

Another MUST for our save-the-dates is low expense. The more colors in any document, the higher the cost. I have been trying to come up with ideas that with very little color will convey a fun, happy message!

Cue the massive saving of designs that I like for Save the Dates. A lot of these have been swiped from various places on the internet, and I admit, I did not save the source for many of them. Also, some of these are actual invitations, but I was looking at them with a save-the-date design eye. With that said, my favorite pictures are below the cut!

Dr. Light and I both love to read. When I saw the next few invites/Save the Dates, I was absolutely smitten!

Everyone remembers Penguin books, yes? With simple colors, an easy-to-read message, and a cute way to show the couple's personalities, I really loved this one.

I admit, this is my favorite out of all the ones I'll show. The message is simple, the design equally so, but again the personality comes across so well. I really think I could take this type of idea and turn it into something that matches the October/Halloween feel I hope our wedding will have. Can't you see a pumpkin and an old signpost with the message nearby? Love.

This type of save-the-date also appealed to me because of the city design below. I could see that becoming a barn and a field, which is kind of how our venue is laid out.

If only we were having a destination wedding. This Save-the-Date would be so perfect to prepare guests for the travel. I'm not sure Evergreen, Colorado is far enough away for most of our guests to warrant this. But I love the idea and the layout.

I could do line art, right? RIGHT? A few sketched items put into Photoshop, the surrounding text.... Maybe. Again, the use of color is perfect without it becoming too expensive to print. You get the idea that there will likely be awesome lanterns and some kind of outdoor theme at the wedding. Message = conveyed!

Which one was your favorite? Why?

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