Sunday, January 30, 2011


I got off my lazy butt and snapped a few pictures of my mostly completed bridal bouquet, and one of the in-progress bridesmaid's bouquets. In total, one of these pomander bouquets takes about eight hours, though my bridal version took a bit longer because I spent more time placing the ribbons since there were more colors.

At some point I'll drill or carve a place for a dowel rod that I may add some foam to for comfort, then wrap in ribbon.


Vast amounts of 4" pieces of ribbon.

Bridesmaid bouquet in progress. The other ones will be blue and green. Because we live in Colorado, I felt like I needed to avoid the orange and blue combo like the plague, since those are the colors of our local football team, the Broncos.

I'm really, really not into football.

One last bridal pomander shot, but exposing the styrofoam that will be drilled at some point. I'll then fill in some ribbon around the wood.


  1. How A-MAZING! What a great idea... I've spent a lot of time online and have never seen anything like this. LOVE