Thursday, January 13, 2011


Sometimes when I feel like I've gotten lost in the "wedding machine" of tulle, Style Me Pretty, and perfect family moments, I find that I have to go back and look at a series of photos I took for my sister about six months ago.

Meet my finger monster, Lenny.

Lenny and friends like him are going to play an important part in our wedding planning process, mainly to remind Dr. Light and me that going outside the norm is fun and okay. I carry Lenny around in my main purse, and whenever I run across him while searching for something (dang that purse is cavernous), it's a small recognition that the fun of a finger monster is exactly what I want to convey to the people I love.

Unlike some brides, I haven't yet taken the time to pull together a "board" of ideas for the wedding. Sure, I have a folder of inspirational photos and ideas, but they aren't all sitting in some 600x600 pixel image that I can whip out to say, "See this flower? This inspires me." At some point I will make an effort to post an inspiration board here. Until then: Lenny.

Why is he so important? Because Lenny and company are some of our guest favors. I can't wait for people to sit down at their tables and realize that they get a finger monster to play with, have fun with, throw away if they so desire, or put in their own purses to remind them that adults can absolutely have fun at important occasions.

Lenny also (as a friend aptly pointed out this weekend) reminds me that my wedding CAN be offbeat, while still maintaining a serious note. He inspires me to stay true to myself and the vision Dr. Light and I have for our ceremony and reception.

What reminders do you keep to help your wedding vision stay on track? Do you have an inspiration board? A tangible reminder like Lenny?

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