Monday, January 31, 2011

Desperately Seeking Stands

If you remember our venue, there are several shelved walls on each floor that are crying out for some kind of decoration.

The dance floor.

The first time Dr. Light and I went walking through the venue, I thought they'd be the perfect place to put some photos of us growing up and throughout our lives.

What we'd need, though, is picture stands that won't break the bank.

I came across these gator clips on Amazon, though the review of the seller was quite negative. The clips are 12/$35, which is a bit more than I was hoping to spend per photo.
I also looked at plastic easels online. In high school, when I worked at Michael's, I saw a lot of these come by my register. I can't seem to find them on Michael's' site, so I may have to walk into the store to get a good idea on the price. They seem to range anywhere from $3/per to $7 per, depending on size. So, still not a great choice.
I've also done a bit of research on acrylic frames. Again, I couldn't seem to find a suitable price that wouldn't get expensive very quickly. Also, I think they look, well, a bit cheap.
So, I'm currently at a loss. I need to take that trip to Michael's or Hobby Lobby and see if there's an item that I missed during my Internet search. That's the trouble with online. If you don't know something exists, browsing for it gets a lot harder.

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  1. DUDE I HAVE YOUR SOLUTION. But it means you have to go to Goodwill. XD Picture frames can be purchased there for as little .25 if they're on sale! A little paint (if it's even necessary!) and they're ready to go!

    Also, I've seen Joanns and Michaels carry those little cube/clip versions in their $1 bins, if you like those! I bet there's a way to DiY it!