Monday, March 28, 2011

Gifts for the Bridal Party, the second

Hey, Bridesmaids & Maids of Honor!

Don't look at this post!

Ever since I started making my bouquets (Posts here, here, and here), I kept thinking that adding a little charm that reflected something about each member of my bridal party was something I wanted to do. I finally got to looking for charms today. The bouquets aren't done yet (and they will have a huge post of delicious and awesome when they are complete), but there's no time like the present to get another item checked off the wedding to-do list.

There are a lot of charms out there. A lot of them are bad. I'd really like something that isn't silly and cheap-looking.

I found this in a Twilight section. Wrong source material, guys.

Charms can also be really, really expensive. This adorable little owl runs over $40. Sigh.

Charms are typically so expensive because they're sterling silver or real gold. I wish I could spend the $20 - $40 necessary to get something high quality, but at five bridesmaids, I can't justify the $100 total. So I've decided that the best way to add a cute, personalized touch is simply to not worry about the charms being heirloom quality.

After doing a few searches just for "charms" and coming up with a bunch of websites with expensive options, I decided to narrow my focus and look for "pewter charms." They're under $2 a charm and would be the perfect fit for my girls. Luckily, giving the search a new parameter was the perfect thing to do, and quickly I had many inexpensive and cute charms at my fingertips.

I found myself at a site called Beads and Charms. Then, I went through and picked two charms I thought each bridesmaid would like, then selected the cutest of the two. For under $10, including shipping, I've found a fun little something special to help decorate my girls' bouquets.

The teacher

The cat lover

The girl of Faith

The budding guitarist

The pig lover

Is there something special you're doing for your bridal party bouquets?

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  1. Those are such cute charms!! I might have to look at them and do something similar for my bridesmaids. I am doing a photo charm on my bouquet (in honor of my mom) and also a photo charm for my fiance (I'm going to tell the tux place to place it in his pocket next to his heart) in honor of his grandpa.