Friday, March 4, 2011


What do you do when you're sitting at your desk at work and you have that sneaking suspicion that you need to take your wedding a lot less seriously, drop the idea of matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses, and just go tell your girls to find their favorite season-appropriate purple dress?

Both from Modcloth

Or, or - what if it would make more sense to make the bridesmaid dresses? There are some great patterns out there!


Someone talk me off this ledge. Help, help, I need an adult!

What do you do when you suddenly start rethinking your choices?


  1. There will *always* be something better and neater. Once you decide and commit to buying something, STOP LOOKING. Easier said than done, of course!

  2. 'Cause I NEED another reason to shop at Modcloth!

    Keep thinking! There's time! I would not, at this point however, think about making dresses. Maybe 3-4 months ago. Then again, you might have some time off...

  3. I thought the original dresses you had decided on were fab? I was surprised to suddenly hear you weren't happy with them and started looking again. What changed your mind?