Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unrelated, yet inspired

Over time, I've been saving pictures from blog weddings. They're photos that inspire me, photos that I think I'll show our photographer to give her an idea of memories I'd like to have. I don't have sources for these, as they've been saved over the last six or so months, so I will state right now: these aren't mine and I'm not claiming ownership. So there.

Also, most of these have nothing to do with our wedding style or theme. They are just...awesome.

Do you save photos that excite you for your own wedding, even if the subject of the photo is unrelated? What unrelated items inspire your wedding ideas the most?


  1. Yes I save tons of photos! And actually the one you have of the bridal party on the stairs is one of them! LOL!

  2. I have tons of photos saved for inspiration for my own wedding! I'm also a photographer and I just booked my first wedding for this coming may, so I have a lot saved for that, too.