Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nailed It

This weekend Dr. Light and I were running some errands at the mall when we stumbled across the MAC Wonder Woman makeup line. Have you seen this? It's retro and cute and AHHHH! In other words: I love it. I ended up buying the blue nail polish.

As I was purchasing it, I realized that I had given very little thought with what to do with my nails on that day. I'm not really a regular nail-painter, but nail polish helps me overcome one fault that plagues me all the time.

I am a horrendous cuticle picker. It's an outward reflection of my anxiety, and I've been doing it for as along as I can remember. It bugs me and I think it bugs Dr. Light too, as last night when I was discussing nail ideas with him, he pointed to my thumb and basically told me that I should make an effort to have my hands look nice for our wedding day photos. I couldn't agree more. (And I really don't want to post a picture of my cuticles here. It's just embarrassing.)

The layer of polish on my nails makes me aware that if I start to pick at my cuticles, I will probably wear the polish down a little - so it really helps keep me honest, so to speak. I've decided that in order to break this habit, I'm going to try and keep my nails nicely painted until after the wedding. It will also give me a chance to try out various colors that I may want to wear with the dress!

H49 & B56

I'll do my best to try a group of soft pinks and reds, nothing too outlandish. A lot of salons carry OPI, so I'll purchase some "starter" polish from that line and find some shades I like.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for polish that isn't too expensive, but is a reliable brand?


  1. I attended a wedding a few years ago where the day before the ceremony, all of the girls in the wedding party (and me, since I was in from out of town) went and had their nails (toes and fingers) done. Everybody paid for themselves, but it was a great way to start the celebration. Maybe since you're thinking of having your girls stay with you the night before, you should think of something like that? I have some recommendations if you'd like....

  2. OPI is my go to brand! I had my nails done for my wedding. They were kind of an irredecent purple- looked clear in some lights, and lilac in others, which fit with my wedding colors.