Monday, February 7, 2011

What are you waiting for?

I got to talking with a newly-single coworker the other day. She's young and just got out of a marriage with a guy who was unfortunately tumbling deep into alcoholism. Now that she's free, she's taking up several classes - things she's wanted to do, but never really had the time or freedom to pursue. One of them is piano.


Our conversation got me thinking. I took piano many years ago - from about age 4 to 14. At 14 I decided everything I played was boring and I switched to art lessons instead. But having a friend talk about taking classes on an instrument I sometimes wish I hadn't given up really made me consider tying to incorporate piano back into my life.

There are two things stopping me.

1. No piano. To be a good student, I'd really have to focus on my playing, and right now I can't afford something like a keyboard. I wouldn't want one of those inexpensive keyboards that only covers the middle of a piano's range. If I'm going to play, I want to be able to hit ALL the keys.

2. Money. This links to #1, but only in the fact that a lot of my money is currently going to our wedding fund.

In a way, I find this conundrum to be kind of fun. It means that once the wedding is over and we're able to pay off our debt, I'll have some extra money to put away to afford a keyboard and lessons. It's kind of like a little boon waiting for me after the wedding planning is over - something to look forward to when all the DIY and projects are done.

I'm someone who likes to have something to do, so I know I'll miss having this big event to plan. I'm going to treat piano lessons as a reward for getting it all done, and doing it well.

What are you waiting to do after the wedding expenses are finished?

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