Thursday, February 3, 2011

Save the Dates: Arrival!

We received our Save the Dates in the mail last night! I promptly stuck one to our fridge in excitement. They turned out perfectly!


On a friend's advice, we ordered them from The site is a bit more geared toward the business side of things, which was totally fine for the magnets we decided to go with. When I look into our invitation suite, I think I'll look at a few sites that are more wedding/paper oriented, such as or I'm really loving the tiered invitations right now.

Now to face two challenges: picking out some envelopes that will fit our 4"x6" magnets and our theme, and to acquire all the necessary addresses so we can send these suckers out. Dr. Light has this weekend off from the hospital, so I think I'll push him into tackling his half of the guest list while I tackle mine.

I'm pondering the idea of sending out a little form through Google to our Internet-savvy friends, but there's always a few people who completely fail at online things. I suppose I should have gotten on this address thing a bit sooner, but we've been dragging our feet on finalizing our guest list.

Wish us luck.

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