Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dr. Light-free post!

Sorry to be obscure, but I don't want Dr. Light to know what this post is about. Click below for more!


What is this post about?

Cuff links.

These cuff links, to be specific:


Dr. Light loves cuff links. He is constantly on the lookout for French cuff shirts, just so he can wear one of his numerous pairs. Because of this, I really want to get him the above 'links for our wedding day.

Part of me is nervous that he'll find these - after all, he loves paisley, blue is his favorite color, and he's not exactly bad at Google searches. I'm also nervous that he'll go out and buy a special pair of 'links for the wedding, and then he'll be bummed out when I gift these to him as we're getting ready.

Do I take that chance? Ever since I found these while looking for Christmas gifts for him, they've been on my mind as a perfect thing.

How do you decide what gift to give on the wedding day? Do some people agree in advance? "I'll give you jewelry and you pick out a pair of socks for me." I dunno, bad example. I have no clue if Dr. Light is planning on any wedding day gift for me, but I don't care. These would be SO PERFECT for him. Blue is one of our wedding colors, and it would just be oh so adorable!

So what do I do? Do I purchase them now and hold on to them for the next eight months? Do I wait to see if he buys his own wedding links? And then what do I do for a gift if I can't give him these?

My god, so many first world problems!

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