Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress - Part 1: Fit

Boy am I ever glad we went to check out bridesmaid dresses. The shop we went to, Amanda's Bridal, was kind of a zoo, considering they didn't require appointments, but they did allow photos. Armed with pictures of the two dresses I wanted to see, I walked in hoping they'd have one of them.

Alfred Sung & Bill Levkoff, respectively.

Happily, they had both. We snagged them and then hauled butt into the dressing room to try them on.

Now. Let me tell you. My bridal party consists of five women - 2 MOHs and 3 bridesmaids. Three of these women are around 5'3", two of them are about 5'6" (which is an inch taller than me). Naturally, this means that different items of clothing look VASTLY different on all the girls. Let me show you photos to compare.

I decided to cut everyone's head off because I love them so much!

Bridesmaid B

As you can see, the longer Alfred Sung dress makes her look kind of like a little kid! We all ended up really noticing it as she tried the dresses on. However, the Levkoff dress looked great on her slightly shorter frame.

bdress_01 bdress_02


MOH L is taller than me and carried the Alfred Sung at about the right cutoff point on her legs. However, when she put on the Bill Levkoff, it made her look like a teenager who was wearing a too-short dress.

ldress_01 ldress_02

Bridesmaid M

About the same height as Bridesmaid B, we saw the same issues between the Alfred Sung and Bill Levkoff dresses.

mdress_01 mdress_02

Ultimately, despite that the Levkoff dress could be ordered in a long, we all agreed that the Alfred Sung was more versatile. We liked the fabric better. It had pockets. And shortening a dress is much easier than trying to lengthen it to something that looks good on everyone.

Next post I will discuss the other reason I'm glad I went to see the dresses before buying online - color.

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