Friday, February 18, 2011

Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress - Part 2: Color

After a couple of intensely busy days because of work and social functions, I'm back and am going to talk about the color aspect of the bridesmaid gowns.

Remember the pewter Bill Levkoff dress that I was hoping would be a slate blue color?

It was definitely not blue. In fact, below the cut I've posted the most true-to-color picture of the color card that I could get photoshop to produce (since there was yellow light in the shop).

Third up from the bottom right is pewter, a very...grey color and not at all what the website's color mixer showed online. I admit, I had expected a little bit more blue than what it turned out being, but that right there completely emphasizes the fact that going into the store, if even to look at a sample swatch book, is a Big Deal. However, since I decided not to go with the Levkoff dresses, it's not a huge deal that my color wasn't what I had hoped.


We also were able to look at the swatch book for Alfred Sung (Dessy). Remember, I had been thinking of the following combination of concord purple and moss green:

Again, the colors are different in person. The concord is a darker purple, the moss a darker green. Here's a shot of the purples for the dress:


My camera is showing the colors a bit darker than they actually are.

I urge all brides to take that quick trip to the shop to make sure your color is what you THINK it is. Computer monitors are notoriously unreliable in regards to color. Heck, when Dr. Light and I play Warcraft together, we can be standing next to one another and our monitors have different tints to our surroundings.

Seeing the Alfred Sung color card helped me realize that the combo I want for my ladies' dresses is aubergine/kiwi. I had been thinking of a frost white/various purple option, but I can't deny my own love of color vomit. Purple and green dresses it is!! The aubergine is a very rich, slightly reddish purple, while kiwi is a very good match for the green ribbon I have used in the bouquets.

I'm glad this portion of choosing dresses is over. Now to get them ordered.

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