Monday, February 28, 2011

Sleeping Arrangements

I've spent this morning in a hotel/b&b-filled haze. It's been great! When I first started looking at hotel arrangements for the night before and night of the wedding, it was August of last year and nobody had any information for over a year in advance. I had to remind myself that Halloween weekend was not the largest hotel day in the year, so I was probably safe to refrain from panicking.

Well, it's 2011. Tomorrow March begins and I would like us to get our hotels booked for the wedding! Planning early means deals are available and hotels are probably hoping to fill spots for late October.

The night before the wedding, Dr. Light admitted he wanted to stay at The Westin Downtown Denver.

Image from The Westin website.

I've worked near this hotel for about eight years now; it's very nice! Despite that our wedding is 45 minutes away in Evergreen, being able to wake up and have a staging area in downtown is really great for a few reasons.

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- I booked my hair stylist last weekend and traveling to the Westin is a lot better for her than traveling to Evergreen. It will help keep my cost down and lets her get back to her work after finishing with me.

- Since Dr. Light and I are not staying together the night before the wedding, it will give our respective "spending the night" friends a place to go out so we can all have fun dinners and (light) drinks with friends. Denver has a great restaurant scene.

- In my hotel searching, I found us a great deal at the Westin. It's through one of their "come see the Westin and get away from home" type specials, and it could save us about $60 for our two rooms. That's no small change!

-Downtown Denver is next to I-70, so hopping on the road and getting to Evergreen will be easy to do.

-The Westin seems to welcome small pets. I'm really, REALLY tempted to have my dog, Loki, stay with us girls overnight. He's basically like my kid, and it would be great to get snuggles the night before the big day. (Don't judge me.)

Do you see how I can't resist this face?

The next hotel for our wedding night, however, makes me SO EXCITED. It's called The Highland Haven. It's a bed and breakfast that offers guest suites, regular rooms, cottages, and other gorgeous rooms. The hotel is about 4 miles (10 minutes by car) from our venue, which makes it a perfect place to stay after the wedding ends.

Blue Spruce Two (my favorite!)

The Creekside Room

Gardiner's Cottage

So gorgeous. So rustic. And perfect for staging our next day.

We're going to find a good place to do brunch in Evergreen the next morning, then take a leisurely day before we have to head to the airport in the late afternoon. Again, since the airport is just along I-70, we won't have to worry about a bunch of travel.

What are your accommodation plans for your wedding? Are you splurging and staying at some fun hotels, or are you keeping it simple and staying at home?

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