Friday, February 11, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses! Computer Monitors! OH NO!

Tomorrow I'm going to stop by a shop called Amanda's Bridal to check out my top two favorite Bridesmaid dresses. If they don't have the dresses, at least I can see the fabric colors.

I mention this because at first I was sold on a bridesmaid dress that I had not seen. I e-mailed my girls to get their opinions (good news: everyone seemed to like it!), but one of my Maids of Honor asked me yesterday if I'd seen the dress in person.

Part of the trouble of shopping online is the fact that monitors display colors differently than they actually appear. And you can't actually see how the dress hangs on a non-model body.

One of the dresses I'm admiring, the Bill Levkoff 569, comes in a pretty color called Pewter, that I'm secretly hoping is not grey that looks blue on my computer screen. I'd like it to be a bluish slate in real life, so if I pick this dress, the girls can wear purple AND blue!

I wish the model didn't look so bored.

My other choice of dresses is the Alfred Sung D416, which was the one I was first hoping my girls could wear. Although I hate sashes on me, I apparently find them fricking adorable for my girls to wear. I like that this dress is a bit longer than the other one. Since it'll be October, it wouldn't be bad for everyone to have something longer than a short cut dress!

I wish this dress had a good blue that matched our palette, but the purple was the best choice.

What do you think? Do those colors look like a deep concord purple and a slate blue to you? I'll post some pics of the adventure when I get back, but for now, here are the top contenders!

Have you ever ordered something online for your wedding and have something of a completely different color show up because of the monitor/real life difference?

All images from the Bill Levikoff & Dessy sites.


  1. I love the first dress! They look deep purple and slate color to me.

    I ordered tons of stuff online for my wedding including my flowers. Luckily I was happy with all of the colors. They were all pretty similar to what I expected.

  2. I haven't ordered anything yet, but I guess we will see! I love the first dress!