Monday, April 25, 2011

The Why

I know I've been super quiet the last two weeks, and here's why.

When I first started this blog, it was rather unfocused (and still might be). Friends have described it as a personal/craft blog with advice and a wedding bent, but not something they see as a true wedding blog. I went and asked for opinions a few weeks ago when my application to become a Weddingbee blogger came back with a big N-O.

After spending some time thinking about it, I realized that I may have started blogging too early for the wedding, filling Down the Aisle with a lot of fluff that perhaps didn't have to be there. Is it possible for a blog to have too much fluff? I'm not sure. Do people like the asides and the fact that I talk about things that relate to the wedding, but aren't necessarily about the wedding?

I decided I needed to step away from the blog for a little while and let my mind work. I've been busy over at my Sewing/Costuming blog Lilacwire Sewing and Cosplay (if you care!).

What I've decided is that because Dr. Light and I have been SO productive on decisions, decorations, and such, I've got a gap for a little while of the real meat of the wedding. Our date isn't until October 29, which is six months away. Not only is that a lot of blog posts (which I truly love writing), but it's possible that it might be a lot of crappy blog posts.

I don't want to give you guys junk. Yeah, I could write crafting stuff until the cows came home - but that would make this a crafting blog that happened to have some wedding ideas in it. What I want is to make the wedding the bones and muscle of this part of this blog.

What I'm going to do is work on the wedding and prepare. I will blog lighter than usual, but I'm not going away. My plan is to give the wedding a chance to become more immediate. Let deadlines hit. Focus on the design and the timeline and give you more of what I feel is important. I hope that it's ok with you! I love blogging about these ideas because they've really helped me gain understanding and insight into how I want my wedding to go, but I don't want to burn out too soon.

There are so many exciting things coming up. Bachelorette parties, brunches, even decisions about the centerpieces. I want to share them with you. <3

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