Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A DIY becomes a BIY (buy-it-yourself)


This morning, fashion deal site Rue La La opened up their wedding boutique. It's got some amazing dresses, shoes, undergarments, and most specifically: veils. The veils don't have a huge selection, but when I started browsing, I saw the one I knew I needed to have.

I had been fully intending to make a satin lined fingertip veil all along, but I'd been dragging my feet simply because of the time it would take to carefully place the satin ribbon at the veil's edge. That stuff can take hours to do right, especially if you're not familiar with the techniques. I'm a slow seamstress to begin with.

The reason I had initially decided to make my own veil was to save on cost. Tulle is simply NOT that expensive, and the idea of paying over $100 for such a simple item rubbed me the wrong way. I'd searched a bit on Etsy, thinking that even paying around $45 was a great deal, considering I value my own sewing/crafting time at over $10/hour.

I'd been sitting on it. I had bought tulle, but it's been hidden away in a tiny bag awaiting the right creative moment. I'm glad to have pulled the trigger on this sale. The worry is out of the way now, and I can always use that tulle I purchased on a costuming project.

Have you bought anything off a fashion deal site for your wedding? Did you purchase something that you'd originally intended to make? What fashion deal sites do you use?

I'm including a few links of the fashion sites I've been browsing lately (some as of earlier this week, courtesy of a friend). Feel free to leave a link to your favorite. I love them! I'm also happy to send an invite if you'd like to join Rue La La or any others.

Rue La La

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