Thursday, December 9, 2010

Under the...City.

Aside from making costumes in my spare time, I have another admission.

My name is Lilac, and I love World of Warcraft.

Meet Scholastica, my Blood Elf Death Knight. She's a tank, so she goes running into the melee, taking damage and basically being a big beefcake.


Whew, ok, it's out now.

I know it's pretty rare to meet girl gamers who play WoW (though I know of plenty!), and when I met Dr. Light, I introduced him to the game. He was a bit skeptical at first. After all, who doesn't hear the "WoW widow" jokes and somewhat subscribe to the belief that a lot of online gamers are 14-year-old unwashed boys who live in their parents' basements?

The thing is, when I play, I don't play alone. My twin sister, best childhood friend, and other adults friends all play on the same server, in the same guild. That's what helped Dr. Light get into the fun of it.

And now that Dr. Light plays, we play together! He's really gotten into his Undead Mage named Balliol (after the college at Oxford).


It's a little creepy how cute I find his character. He even gave my character an engagement ring in-game. <3 We never skip real life events for game events, and I think we have a pretty healthy perspective on how much game time is too much game time. This is why we're going to have a World of Warcraft wedding cake. I present you the Undercity Bank:

Do you trust the Undead to handle YOUR money?

Yeah. Those skulls? The swirly teller windows? We're totally gonna have that. And it's going to be EPIC! This past weekend we went for our 2nd cake tasting at Cake Crumbs Bakery, a local shop that has a cupcake truck that drives around downtown Denver and sells cupcakes to the locals. They do both cupcakes and regular cakes. IT IS SO EXCITING. And they were really excited to be able to make it!

We tried several flavors, including one with strawberries, a carrot cake, and red velvet. I'm not going to say what we're having here since I want it to be surprise for our guests, but I promise: it's gonna be delicious.

I'm not normally a girl who gets all into skulls, but in this case, I can make an exception. I really like that we're going to have something that makes us both thrilled in that "OMG SQUEE" kind of way. I think we'll include some other Warcraft related items in the wedding. I will blog about those later!

True, some of the guests aren't going to get it. And you know? That's ok. They'll still enjoy the cake! The bank part of it will be for the wedding party, while we've planned to have a couple of sheet cakes (of the same delicious flavors) for the guests. The sheets will be decorated somewhat differently, but they'll still match the theme.

After all, who can't wait to eat vibrant green slime with spiky bone skull things?

...Don't all raise your hands at once!

Who else has had a geeky wedding cake? What was it?

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