Friday, December 3, 2010

History: How We Met

Many moons ago in August of 2009, I had recently reconnected with a friend from library school. We had gotten to be buds on Facebook, and then ended up chatting one day over gchat. I'd just broken up with a casual boyfriend - i.e., someone I liked but realized was never going to be the one - so I was ready to hit the dating scene once again.

Apparently, my friend had shown Dr. Light some of my cosplay photos in the weeks prior to this moment, then had sadly informed him that I was dating. As soon as she learned I was single, she struck! She told me about a tall, dark, & handsome pharmacist who liked hiking 14-ers, music, and thought I was cute.

Well, I wasn't about to turn down a first date with someone who fancied me! I told her to go ahead and give him my e-mail address and I'd keep an eye out for him.

This is when the Internet struck.

A week went by and I hadn't heard from this guy my friend had been talking about, and I promptly kind of forgot about it. After all, I wasn't stressing over the dating thing, and if he hadn't found the time to e-mail me, perhaps he would in a while. It was a Tuesday, and as I was sitting at my desk at work, an e-mail came in from a complete stranger, asking what he'd done wrong, and if there was any way I'd forgive him.

My first thought was, "Huh?", and my second was to realize that this was the tall, dark, n' handsome that was supposed to write earlier. Apparently his first e-mail had gone straight to my junk e-mail box, and he thought he'd somehow offended me since I hadn't written back.

I quickly penned him a response explaining what had happened, as he said he was driving out to Moab right after he wrote me and would be gone for a few days. I caught him just before he left the hospital, and he promised to call that night.

As it so happened, my sister was coming over that evening to sew with me. We were heading to a large convention in two weeks, and were preparing costumes to wear.

As Dr. Light called, my sister quickly began to think that he must be a serial killer or something. After all, who drove to Moab by themselves to go "hiking?" She was completely weirded out when he asked me to dinner for Thursday evening, just as he'd be getting back into town. Luckily she didn't tie me down or anything, and after work on Thursday, I made the trek to a cute little Italian place for our first date.

I drove past it looking for parking, and saw a guy wearing a shirt with lots of green stripes (one of my favorites to this day!) sitting on a park bench out front. I was pretty sure that was Dr. Light. I quickly parked and walked up to the restaurant, and lo and behold, the guy on the bench came toward me, a smile on his face.

Tall? Check.
Dark? LOL. No. Dr. Light is of German heritage. So perhaps pasty.
Handsome? Check.


We had dinner, went to his place to watch a Muse concert, and then shared a very quick, awkward kiss when he dropped me back off at my car. We made plans to see each other for breakfast that coming Saturday. It was pretty much the perfect first date, and concluded what I think to be a cute story of how we met.

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