Thursday, October 14, 2010

Workout Breakup

When Dr. Light and I first got engaged, I told myself I was going to work out like crazy. I was going to lose those 10 "happy" pounds I'd put on since we had met. It seemed like a good goal, but my only issue has been, well, that I don't work out.

I started out pretty strong. I bought an awesome DVD called 30 Day Shred, and it really kicked my heinie!


The only issue is that there is so much required squatting and knee-intensive activities, I found the DVD painful to do for more than two days in a row. I have pretty bad knees, to the point where the first time I walked upstairs in Dr. Light's condo he asked me if I had tic-tacs in my pocket because my knees cracked that badly.

It gets especially bad when I have to go down stairs in the days after workouts to that DVD. I've had to start lifting myself down them.

So, that leaves me with the thought that I'm going to have to figure out some other way. I've used the exercise room at the condo to do the elliptical machine, and that's pretty nice. It's just the gumption to walk outside and go up to the facility that challenges me.

I know that this is all dependent on my own will power, and it's a challenge I'm gonna have to face or dodge. I just wish that my knees were better. I'm really not looking forward to the replacement surgery that will inevitably happen in the years to come. I figure that I shouldn't hurt them badly now, though.

So, 30 Day Shred, as much as I love you, I think it's time for us to break up.

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