Monday, October 18, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress!

This weekend I spent some time watching "Say Yes to the Dress" as I worked on my Halloween costume. As a person who doesn't much enjoy reality TV, I was admittedly enjoying myself as I watched brides try on various dress styles. SYttD feels like a show that celebrates happiness more than reveling in cattiness, though they did toss in the troublemakers (be it the bridesmaids, mothers, or clerks at the store) where they could.

One thing I found I wished they would do would be to put up notes on the dresses the brides tried on. A few times the designers/dress styles were mentioned, but the information comes and goes so fast, it's hard to know what you've just seen. The way I view it, women are probably watching this show, in part, to get dress ideas. Knowing what style or designer was tried on would be a great boon to women who want to see the dress on a real-life model.

I've never subjected myself to any of the other bridal shows such as Bridezillas. I think I'll stick to SYttD.

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