Thursday, October 28, 2010

Engagement Photos!

Our engagement photos arrived on their DVD yesterday after getting lost in the mail (the photog had to mail a new dvd to us). They were taken by Vanessa Kruse at Flourish Studio Photography, and we LOVED working with her!

We took our photos at an amazing pumpkin patch/corn maze called Rock Creek Farms in Westminster, Colorado. They were absolutely awesome and let us photograph there for free for over an hour, so of course we paid them back by buying a lot of pumpkins when we left. They also allowed us to bring our apricot toy poodle, Loki. He was very well behaved.

We started out at the corn maze. Nobody else was there, so we had full run of our little section of the world.

Vanessa told us to just love on each other and have fun. We thought it would be hard, but when you have to kiss the guy you love, posing gets easy.

I have no clue how Loki got so cute. Maybe he was born that way.


We got so lucky - it was such a beautiful day. I had to take off my sweater cuz I got hot!

Look at that man. I get to marry that. <3

Our fav.

Next we migrated to the pumpkin patch. I was a "pick your own pumpkin" type deal, but we didn't bring any shears with us.

I'm pretty sure this photo sums up our wedding theme.

Harkening back to the olden days, when they used pumpkins to gourd the eyes of the young.

Even the Dark Lord Loki was behaving.

Then we came back to the main barn and did some pics around there.

More love.

Vanessa also had us do a serious version of this shot, but we probably couldn't do it well. We were too happy.

Dr. Light gets nervous about smiling for photos. You can see it a bit here, but I think it's cute!



Other goofball.

He'll swallow your soul!

We may have needed some dinner by this point.

I took this guy home and put him by the front door on a ledge. Birds ate his brother earlier this week.

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  1. These are so amazing! You guys look so wonderful!