Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sit your ass down!

(While shaping this blog, I'm going to cross-post some items from my personal journal because they pertain to wedding/engagement/creativity.)

Dr. Light and I have vastly different ideas about how to seat our wedding guests during the reception. As we will be serving dinner, we'll have tables and chairs and that whole shebang, but we want to handle them differently. As a note, we haven't even STARTED on seating arrangements, as we haven't even sent out invites or save the dates (which would be at earliest next year), but I was sitting here at work, stapling papers, and got to thinking.


Me? I could care less where anyone sits. I figure we've been seating ourselves for the last 17-70 years (our guests' age ranges, most likely), so folks won't have an issue finding seats. I know it's wedding tradition to have a good chart, but I've been to multiple weddings in the past few years that let people just seat their darned selves and it all worked out beautifully.

Dr. Light likes the idea of ye olde seating chart. Perhaps pair some people together that have never met. Or keep some people apart (hi, mom and dad! - more coming on them at another time). It's not that folks will be at these seats all night, or anything. Just for an hour or so while we nom nom nom. So it could be a great mix & mingle opportunity.

What I wanted to know - what do you think? What have your experiences been with the dreaded seating chart? Did you have fun getting sat next to new people, or did you secretly wish the entire time that you were sitting next to a friend across the room?

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